Sunday, May 8, 2011

A day for Moms, of all sorts

It's Mother's day guys! I'm not a mom but I have lots of ladies in my life who are. I also have my own mother [gasp! I wasn't formed from pure evil]. So this is for them.

My own mother, she's quite a mother. She doesn't quite always get my special brand of sarcastic love. When I try to steal her hair ties, I'm doing it because she has GORGEOUS hair, not to be a brat. She did a stellar job raising my sister and  me, which was no easy feat. She's been supportive with each and every ridiculous move I've made. I'm sure if I went to her saying I was moving to Bangladesh to follow an indigenous tribe she'd be supportive. Well, actually she'd remind me that I'll have crappy cell service and no access to Facebook and that I need to pack a separate suitcase of cleaning supplies. She may be a little crazy when it comes to things she loves and I can only assume that's why she drives me so crazy sometimes. However she did give me this lovely backhanded compliment the other day that proved to me that I am in fact her daughter, because it's totally something I would say; "You're looking so good these days! It's a shame you're so mean though." Seriously, I couldn't love her any more than I already do but after that I was just filled with delight. I am finally rubbing off on her.

My Mema, she's quite possibly the most amazing Grandmother in the history of Grandmothers. She is one of my best friends and while at times she drives me crazier than my mother I tend to deal with it a lot better. She's fierce. She's crafty. She's sassy. She's just the best. I understand that she nags me out of love [why can't my mother understand this when I nag her?!?] and that she wants whats best for me. I wouldn't trade going out to her house to to mundane tasks and catch up over a glass of wine or coffee for anything in the world. She let's me follow my dreams, no matter what. If I told her the same Bangladesh story, she'd be trying to get me a frequent flyer ticket before I could even hang up the phone. In case you're wondering, you should be rather jealous that she's not your Mema. Don't fret though, she'll be glad to have you over for dinner too.

The Moms who aren't yet mothers, you are amazing. You go through this day with a smile on your face and what I can only equate to a frown in your heart. These ladies want so badly to be mothers and have been told too many times to just relax and it will happen. For the sake of our future I hope it happens for you. You know who you are and you are some of the strongest ladies I know. You will be the best moms in the world one day. I truly believe that.