Friday, April 8, 2011

Define "style"

     A friend of mine asked me the other day: "So, what's your style?" I've been stewing over it for a day or two now. I have stylish aspirations, that's for sure. I can put an ensemble together for anyone given a decent closet and some accessories. I know what looks good on myself. I'm just not sure what MY style is exactly. I've always been a card carrying member of the "if it's clean, I'll wear it" club. I've also never really had a plethora of options [plus size shopping sucks but that's for another day]. Now I'm getting more options and I'm planning for the future [down 50 lbs but that's also for another day]. It's summer, in HELL Florida and, it's hot. So how does one go about defining their personal style when it's 110 outside and it's barely April?

     You find inspiration from the heat. You learn how to make shorts dressy. You buy every tank top you can get your hands on. You invest in a good strapless bra. You also chop off all your hair [true story, I just did]. So I'm looking around and I keep falling into the same thing. I'm in love with summer florals, denim, bright colors, 70's vibes and 60's flower child overtones. Hippie chic. [gahhh I loathe the word chic and I cringed both times I typed it but what the shit else works there?] Oh and platforms, of the Jeffrey Campbell variety. So let's see what I'm dreaming of.

Hurley shorts. Love them. I'm a firm believer that your pockets should not hang out of your pants.

Mod Cloth- How adorbs is this?!?

Billabong via Lulu's- I would live in this shirt. I already have an owl necklace that would look killer.

One Peach at a Time- Lulu's. I just love this color and length.

White tank- Top Shop. I love the detail on the front. It screams to be worn once I'm tan with some denim shorts and the J C's I'm posting in a second.
Jeffrey Campbell- Custard. Everything can't be 5 inches high and these are too cute.

Jeffrey Campbell- Ohara. These and that white tank top need to belong to me. NOW.

Jeffrey Campbell - Virgo Fab. I own these. Hello reason to buy a shit ton of shorts. 


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