Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday Funday: I have to update my blog edition.

Oh what have I been doing? Not too much these days. Just like the hamster on the proverbial wheel. I've been dabbling in a few crafty project recently. One is hush hush and the other is my yet to be opened Etsy store, From the Shores. I've been gathering shells and decided to glue them to things! I'm a genius, I know. I'll link and post stuff once I get it up and going. I've got two unfinished boxes and one frame that I did actually finish. Now I'm trying to solicit my friends to rob the beaches of their pretty shells whenever they find themselves there. It's kept me pretty occupied for the past few hours so maybe it's something I'll stick with. I'm pretty excited for one box in particular but I. Need. More. Shells. dammit.

In other news, Rachel is due any day now. I'm still holding out hope on her giving birth to a puppy. She's most likely having a little human child though. His name will be Mr. Harper Avery [fancy pants] Heiser-Layton, or for short, Pants. I decided to call him Pants. Every child needs a wacky Aunt who calls him a wacky name and since I'm Rachel's only sister I decided to take that task very seriously. Rachel is not too pleased but she did call him Pants the other day so I'm slowly winning. This child will be awesome and famous and everyone will know him as Pants and he'll have me to thank [and pay] for that. I've also decided that he will be getting three things from me; his outlook on life [I trust his parents but I still think I should be the one in charge of this], his fashion sense [ I trust NO ONE ] and his bad habits. He shall be my little minion of evil and my sole source of amusement for many years to come. I plan on taking pictures of him just to embarrass him with later in life. I am already looking for baby sized aviators and skinny jeans. He needs a vest, every boy needs a vest, and a dapper hat. He will be a wee little hipster baby [anyone care to point me in the direction of a bottle that looks like a PBR can?] and I will make fun of him for it. I will start a meme from him. "Winnie the Pooh is too mainstream, I watch [insert some obscure European children show here]." I still have time to think of more. So get ready world, my sister is having a baby and I will have him looking down at you for your bad taste in music, books, fashion, food, and whatever else I can teach this kid, before you know it.

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